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The Integrated palliative care in cancer and other chronic conditions (InSuP-C) project, which was undertaken between 2012 and 2016, provided evidence for policy and practice guidance on better integration of palliative care with other health and social care systems.

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Integrated Palliative Care

Integrated palliative care involves bringing together administrative, organisational, clinical and service aspects in order to realise continuity of care between all actors involved in the care network of patients receiving pallitive care. It aims to achieve quality of life and a well-supported dying process for the patient and the family in collaboration with all the care givers (paid and unpaid).
(InSup-C project definition of Integrated Palliative Care)

What we did

The project consortium of six countries (Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Hungary and UK) contributed to:

Three systematic reviews of guidelines for integration of palliative care services:

  1. What models of integrative palliative care are used in cancer services;
  2. Guidelines for cancer services;
  3. Guidelines for non-cancer services.

These have been published as highly cited papers available from the publications page.

Development of a taxonomy of integrated palliative care through international consultation and survey. View publication

Organisational case studies of best practice in 5 countries (UK, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany and Belgium) involving in-depth interviews with patients who had cancer, heart failure or COPD, their family carers and health professionals to identify ‘best practices’ from up to six innovative services in each country, available from the publications page.

Lancaster University led the international dissemination of our results through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) in 2016, 2017 and 2018 to educate practitioners, an e-book in English and Spanish (see links below), this website and publications delivered to policy makers and practitioners.

Integrated Palliative Care e-book in English

Integrated Palliative Care
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Integrated Palliative Care e-book in Spanish

Integrated Pallitive Care
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Integrated Palliative Care

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