Palliative Care

An EU Framework 7 Programme

Professor Carlos Centeno

Professor Carlos Centeno

Institute for Culture and Society, University of Navarra, Spain

Work Package Roles:

  • WP5: Researcher
  • WP2: Collaborator
  • WP6: Collaborator

Carlos Centeno Cortés, works as a consultant in Palliative Medicine at the University of Navarra Clinic, with special interest in clinical research topics such as fatigue and pain difficulty. Recently, Dr Centeno has launched a new research program called Atlantes, at the Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), University of Navarra, applying the approach of Humanities and Social Sciences to advanced diseases and palliative care. Within ATLANTES some projects target issues such as palliative care basics, palliative care in highschool and dissemination of the research.

Since 2002, Dr Centeno has run a European working group that studies national development of this subject and has published the Atlas Palliative Care in Europe manual.

As Professor, Dr. Centeno teaches postgraduate courses in Palliative Medicine and give classes at the University of Navarra and other universities.

He has authored a "Manual of Palliative Medicine" for students and has published numerous papers in international scientific journals with the results of his studies.

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