Palliative Care

An EU Framework 7 Programme

Consortium Management Team

Photograph of Agnes Csikos

Agnes Csikos
WP4 Co-lead

Photograph of Maaike Dautzenberg

Maaike Dautzenberg
Project Manager

Photograph of Marieke Groot

Marieke Groot
WP4 Lead

Photograph of Jeroen Hasselaar

Jeroen Hasselaar
WP5 Lead

Photograph of Jeroen Hasselaar

Jeroen Hasselaar
Project Co-ordinator

Photograph of Johan Menten

Johan Menten
WP2 Lead

Photograph of Sheila Payne

Sheila Payne
WP6 Lead

Photograph of Nancy Preston

Nancy Preston
WP6 Co-lead

Photograph of Lukas Radbruch

Lukas Radbruch
WP3 Lead

Integrated Palliative Care partners
Integrated Palliative Care partners


Closed project meeting, Amsterdam

General Assembly, Brussels


The results of our identification process will lead to a taxonomy (or classification scheme) with a global benchmark of existing integrated palliative care initiatives across Europe with strengths and weaknesses in terms of for example organisation, costs, and patient satisfaction.

This will provide the platform, via this website, to compare initiatives across Europe at-a-glance, using a variety of web tools.


We will engage with healthcare professionals using many forms of Web 2.0 technologies, including social networks and the use of online questionnaires.

One of the prime aims of this project is to establish an e-learning module based on the data of the research project. This website will facilitate e-learning using tried-and-tested web applications.